The episode starts on Matt's family farm.He was so busy and excited for his family's Halloween party on the farm and he was even more excited about his grandma coming to the party.Then the Cybersquad calls him on his phone and tell him "Happy Halloween" and that they want to R-Fair City for a Halloween celebration at R fair city.He at first doesn't want to go because he was too busy setting the farm and that he wanted to be home for his party but goes after Jackie and Inez insist he go with them so he did. Meanwhile, Buzz, Delete, and Hacker set up their plan to lock the kids out Cyberspace although Jules saw some of the plot and questions them about what their doing.They lied to him saying they were trying to save energy in the park and Jules bought it. Later not too soon after the Cybersquad arrived the noticed that the CyberPortal was broken after they met up with Jules of course. Jules then stated that was against the rules.Matt shortly after finding out the portal was broken got very mad saying that he should not have gone with Jackie and Inez and that he should have stayed home.Then the Cybersquad turns off unused lights are the park and in Jules house. Hacker in the Meanwhile enjoyed most of the celebration as he was happier and nicer in the episode since Halloween was his favorite hoiliday. However he got mad when he saw the kids were in cyberspace instead of being locked out. Matt and Jackie chased Buzz and Delete for the rebooted machine and eventually got it back. After saving energy they got the portal fixed in the end and Jules got a raise for his job and They all make it to Matts farm and the Cybersquad in the end of the episode, meets Matt's grandma. Matt has made some pie but he trips by the same pumpkin from last time and the pie lands on Matt's head, making everyone including the Cybersquad laugh.

Season 11, Episode 1
Air date October 23, 2017
Written by Adam Rudman

George Arthur Bloom

Directed by Jason Groh
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"Bottled Up"
"Creech's Creature Quandary"


  • This is the first time that Matt's parents appear in the series.
  • This is also the first episode that begins with "W" until the sixth season episode, When Penguins Fly.