Season 5, Episode 1
Air date October 31, 2006
Written by Adam Rudman

George Arthur Bloom

Directed by Jason Groh
Episode Guide
"A Tikiville Turkey Day"
"A Clean Sweep"
The annual “Halloween Howl” bash in Castleblanca promises to be spooktacular…until Hacker takes over the Mayor’s Castle and brings its seven stone gargoyles to life. Obeying Hacker’s every command, the gargoyles capture the Mayor and imprison him in the dungeon. To gain control of the creepy creatures, the CyberSquad must figure out how to use division to evenly split up bunches of garlic and rock candy. But can they do it in time to rescue the Mayor and save The Halloween Howl?


  • The music at the end is from Munsters.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - The Halloween Howl

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