Season 2, Episode 12
Air date September 17, 2003
Written by Barry Harman

George Arthur Bloom

Directed by Larry Jacobs
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"The Wedding Scammer"
"A Time to Cook"
Hacker returns to Poddleville with a peace offering: a magnificent statue of the Mayor of Poddleville. But at the unveiling party, Hacker accuses someone of stealing the key to his recharger chair. The accused claims he’s innocent. Like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, the kids and Digit investigate the crime by interviewing eyewitnesses and recreating the crime scene. But the more they investigate, the more the accused is placed at the scene of the crime. Everyone saw him. It appears that Hacker has found the culprit. But has he? And what’s that strange noise coming from inside the statue?


  • This is the first time Inez takes off her glasses.


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