Season 5, Episode 5
Air Date November, 30, 2006
Written By Adam Rudman

George Arthur Bloom

Directed By Jason Groh
Previous Episode EcoHaven Ooze
Next Episode The Flying Parallinis


Delete is having a bad day. Hacker yelled at him and Buzz made fun of his first-ever invention, a “Bunny-Copter.” When he wishes things were better, Delete discovers he has a Fairy Borg Father named Zanko, who appears and grants him nine wishes. Chaos ensues from Delete’s wacky wishes, and the CyberSquad is called in. When Zanko & Matt end up stuck on a ledge inside hazardous Statico Chasm, Inez and Jackie must ‘refine & optimize’ the Bunny-Copter to rescue them. Can they do it in time?


  • The first episode to feature Phillip Williams as the voice of Buzz after Len Carlson's death on January 26, 2006. Williams will continue to voice Buzz from that episode onwards in the series.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - The Fairy Borg Father

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