Digit: It's eight o'clock - Time for your walk.
Digit: C'mon already, make a decision!
Digit: Oh, boy...I sure hope the Earthlies got my message.
Digit: If you like it - I like it! Let's go!
Digit: Remember...don't go all crazy like you did yesterday.
Digit: Okay? Walk nice.
Digit: Earthlies! Am I glad to see you!
Matt: We got here as soon as we could.
Inez Ohhhh...he's so cute.
Digit: His name's Dewey. He's a Deedle Beast.
Jackie: A Deedle Beast? Leave it to Ms. Fileshare to have a pet no one ever heard of.
Matt: So what's the big emergency?
DIGIT: I promised Ms. Fileshare I'd take care of Dewey while she's at the cybrarian convention - but I'm worried something's wrong with him!
INEZ: He looks okay to me...
INEZ: Phoof!
INEZ: Other than a little beast-breath!
DIGIT: He acted all weird on our morning walk yesterday...
DIGIT: and if it happens on our morning walk today, I want you guys with me!
DIGIT: C'mon, it's time to hit the trail.
00:02:53 You sure something's wrong, Didge?
00:02:56 Dewey seems just fine.
00:02:57 He did the same thing yesterday morning.
00:03:00 Walkie...walkie...walkie... then all of a sudden...
00:03:04 Aaarrrooo!
00:03:05 he goes bonkers!
00:03:07 Well, maybe it was just a one-time thing.
00:03:10 I hope so...!
00:03:17 One thing's for sure, he doesn't want to get his paws dirty.
00:03:21 I understand totally.
00:03:24 Digit, me lad!
00:03:27 Out for another walk, I see.
00:03:28 Everyone, this is Gimme - the golf pro.
00:03:32 These are my earthbuds:..
00:03:35 Hey.
00:03:35 ...Inez...
00:03:36 Hello.
00:03:37 ...and Jackie.
00:03:38 Hey.
00:03:38 Doin' some golfin' while yer here, I hope.
00:03:40 Not yet. Maybe later.
00:03:42 You best be hittin' the links, laddie.
00:03:44 It's already twenty past eight!
00:03:46 When yer in Golftopia you've got ta "get into the swing" - ya know what I mean?
00:03:52 Swing?
00:03:54 Ha ha!
00:04:01 Aaaaarrrrooooo!
00:04:05 Wh-oh!
00:04:05 There he goes againnnnnnnn!
00:04:08 DIDGE!
00:04:09 Hey! Stop! Helllllp! HELP!
00:04:16 Whoa there, boy, easy does it.
00:04:22 I see what you mean about Dewey!
00:04:29 Look at him now - like nothing happened.
00:04:32 Well, something happened!
00:04:33 Something must be wrong - and we need to figure out what it is before Ms. Fileshare gets back.
00:04:42 Whatever it was, he's back to normal.
00:04:44 Aren't you, boy?
00:04:47 Normal to us, sure.
00:04:48 But what's normal behavior for a Deedle Beast?
00:04:50 Who knows what makes them happy or mad or scared?
00:04:53 I'll tell you in a sec.
00:04:55 "101 Facts About Deedle Beasts" Cool!
00:05:00 "Deedle Beasts make great pets.
00:05:02 They are easily trainable, gentle with children...
00:05:05 and they are neat and orderly." That's true.
00:05:09 Just look at the way he color coordinates his toys.
00:05:13 Nice.
00:05:13 "They purr when contented, howl when frightened, and when tickled...turn bright orange and sing." You think?
00:05:25 Aoooo...aoooo...
00:05:27 Looks like it!
00:05:28 Hey, hey, hey!
00:05:29 Enough with the singing!
00:05:31 We got a problem to solve!
00:05:33 Maybe it's not a problem at all.
00:05:35 Yeah, Didge, maybe it was just a coincidence.
00:05:38 A coincidence?
00:05:40 What if it happens again tomorrow?
00:05:42 Another coincidence?
00:05:45 Digit's right, we've got to focus.
00:05:47 A normally quiet and well-behaved animal suddenly goes out of control.
00:05:52 Why?
00:05:52 It's a mystery to me.
00:05:54 It's a mystery, all right.
00:05:55 What we need to know is what's happening - where it's happening - and when...then maybe we can figure out why it's happening.
00:06:05 What...where...when, exactly!
00:06:09 Let's start with 'what'.
00:06:11 What did we observe on the walk this morning?
00:06:13 We ran into Gimme but Dewey was okay with that.
00:06:16 It was after we saw Gimme that he yowled...
00:06:19 then his hair stood on end.
00:06:21 Then he pawed at the ground and pulled me around in circles!
00:06:26 Okay...that covers what happened.
00:06:29 And the "where" was on the golf course.
00:06:31 At the Igloo hole.
00:06:32 And we know the 'when': Eight-twenty.
00:06:35 Gimme said so. Remember?
00:06:36 So we know the 'what', the 'where' and the 'when'!
00:06:40 Hey - what about yesterday's walk? Didge?
00:06:43 Hmm...yesterday...Monday.
00:06:45 Well, we were at the Waterslide Hole...
00:06:50 The ducks were quackin'...
00:06:53 ...and Dewey gave one of 'em a kiss.
00:06:56 All of a sudden he started yowling and his hair stood on end.
00:07:01 Then he pawed at the ground...
00:07:04 ...and charged around in circles.
00:07:06 Oh! OW! OoohOW! YOIKES! Whoa! Sheesh...
00:07:17 Just like he did this morning.
00:07:19 Okay, so we know the 'what'.
00:07:21 Dewey acted the same way Monday and Tuesday.
00:07:24 We know 'where', too: On the golf course, but at different places.
00:07:28 And we know 'when': In the morning.
00:07:31 But we still don't know the 'why'!
00:07:33 Well, since we have to wait till tomorrow morning's walk to see what happens...
00:07:37 I think I'll go hit some golf balls.
00:07:39 Anyone else?
00:07:40 No thanks.
00:07:41 I'll see what else I can find out about Deedle Beasts.
00:07:46 Don't worry, Dewey, the CyberSquad is on it.
00:07:49 We'll figure this out.
00:07:53 Man, they sure have a lot of gophers around here.
00:07:57 Time to grip it and rip it!
00:07:58 The crowd quiets as Matt steps up to the tee.
00:08:02 He needs a birdie to win the match.
00:08:11 Uh-oh.
00:08:12 Forrrrre!
00:08:16 Hey!
00:08:17 What tinwit hit this ball?
00:08:23 Nothing worse than annoying neighbors!
00:08:28 Hacker?
00:08:29 How dare they interrupt me while I'm perfecting my putting!
00:08:33 Forget your putting, boss.
00:08:35 What if some nosey neighbor finds out what we're doing?
00:08:38 Yeah, we're not through digging yet!
00:08:41 Then get to it!
00:08:42 Right away, boss.
00:08:49 In just two more days Cyberspace will be in complete chaos.
00:09:00 Keep shoveling!
00:09:11 I've been trying to figure out why Hacker has a house here...
00:09:15 and I can't come up with one good reason.
00:09:18 Maybe he retired.
00:09:19 And give up his quest to take over all of Cyberspace?
00:09:24 No way!
00:09:26 Then why is he here?
00:09:27 Man, they better do something about those gophers!
00:09:29 Matt, forget the gophers.
00:09:31 It's Wednesday, we've got to zero in on what's going on with Dewey.
00:09:39 Yoikes!
00:09:40 He's doin' it again!
00:09:43 The same behavior as yesterday!
00:09:46 Weird.
00:09:47 Let's track it!
00:09:48 The what:..
00:09:49 his hair stood on end... he pawed at the ground...
00:09:53 then started running in circles.
00:09:55 Hey, guys!
00:09:56 A little help?
00:09:57 The where: The windmill hole!
00:10:00 The when: Eight-thirty!
00:10:02 Excuse me!
00:10:03 Over!
00:10:07 Dee-Dee, look!
00:10:08 The earthbrats!
00:10:09 And Digit!
00:10:10 What are they doing here?
00:10:11 Who cares what they're doing here?
00:10:14 By the time they figure out what's going on it'll be too late!
00:10:30 Hey, boss, is that the equa...equa... Equabibium!
00:10:36 Equilibrius, you duncebuckets!
00:10:38 By this time tomorrow, it'll be frozen to exactly the proper consistency...
00:10:46 Then I can run my final experiment!
00:10:54 Okay, guys, all of our info is organized into this chart.
00:10:59 The first column represents Dewey's walks on Monday...
00:11:02 Tuesday... and today, Wednesday.
00:11:04 This column shows us what hpened...
00:11:08 this one where it happened...
00:11:10 and this one when it happened.
00:11:12 Cool!
00:11:12 Once we fill in all the blanks with what we know, maybe we can find a pattern to help us figure out what's going on.
00:11:20 Right, boy?
00:11:21 Okay, the what is everything Dewey did - and he did the same thing each day.
00:11:30 And we know where he did it, too!
00:11:33 Monday the problem was at the Waterslide Hole.
00:11:38 Got it...Waterslide Hole!
00:11:41 Do you remember when it happened, Didge?
00:11:44 Let's see, we left the house at eight o'clock sharp - just like Ms Fileshare told me.
00:11:50 And it was about ten minutes into the walk when Dewey went bonkers.
00:11:56 That would make it about eight-ten.
00:12:01 Tuesday it happened at the Igloo.
00:12:04 And the when was eight-twenty!
00:12:06 Remember Gimme pointed out the time on the clock?
00:12:13 What do we do with all this dirt, Buzzy?
00:12:17 We do just what we been doin', Deedee.
00:12:20 We dump it.
00:12:21 Come on!
00:12:31 Now that we've organized our observations let's see if we can find a pattern - something to explain Dewey's behavior.
00:12:39 Okay, we know the place where Dewey goes off keeps changing.
00:12:43 First the Waterslide...
00:12:44 then the Igloo... then the Windmill.
00:12:46 And the time gets later each walk, too!
00:12:50 Eight ten... eight-twenty...eight-thirty Think that means something?
00:12:56 Later in the walk...
00:12:57 could mean it happens farther down the path.
00:13:01 There's our pattern!
00:13:03 But what's it mean...?
00:13:10 This spot's as good as any.
00:13:13 Heave ho!
00:13:16 Let's get outta here!
00:13:26 So they dumped the dirt right here!
00:13:28 I thought the piles came from gophers digging up the golf course...but no, it was really Buzz and Delete dumping dirt all over the place!
00:13:35 Why would they do that?
00:13:37 I don't know.
00:13:37 But it wouldn't surprise me that whatever Hacker's up to is connected to how Dewey's been acting.
00:13:44 Here's the Real Estate office - maybe this is where Hacker got his house!
00:13:48 Let's see if they can give us a clue why he's here...
00:13:54 Ah, welcome to Mrs. Bogey's Real Estate: we build 'em, you buy 'em.
00:14:02 I'm Mrs. Bogey.
00:14:04 Taffy anyone?
00:14:06 Oh, yea!
00:14:07 I love taffy!
00:14:14 Don't mind me.
00:14:16 He-he-he.
00:14:18 No problem.
00:14:19 A happy customer is... well ...a happy customer!
00:14:25 What can I do for you?
00:14:26 We were just wondering about one of your residents.
00:14:30 His name is Hacker.
00:14:32 Hacker...ah yes.
00:14:34 The Hacker.
00:14:36 He moved in a few days ago.
00:14:37 Bought the house right here...
00:14:39 next door to Ms. Fileshare.
00:14:41 We know.
00:14:42 Funny thing is, he only wanted to live in this house.
00:14:46 Wouldn't settle for anything else.
00:14:48 Hmmm...why only that house?
00:14:51 Oh, he didn't say.
00:14:52 But it has a wonderful location...
00:14:55 as do all our homes, of course.
00:15:01 Here's a copy of the map.
00:15:02 Call me if your folks are interested in moving here.
00:15:06 We will, Mrs. Bogey.
00:15:07 Thanks for your help.
00:15:10 Anytime.
00:15:16 ...Check this out!
00:15:16 All three places where Dewey went loopy are on the same straight line!
00:15:23 And the times match up, too!
00:15:24 If the pattern stays the same and we extend the line...
00:15:28 ...tomorrow morning at about eight-forty, Dewey should go loopy right here...
00:15:34 the Clown Hole!
00:15:36 Earthlies! Do you see what I see?
00:15:39 What?
00:15:40 Look what happens if you extend that line back this way.
00:15:44 It points straight to...
00:15:46 Hacker's house!
00:15:58 Hey, boss!
00:15:59 Those earthbrats are walkin' that Deedle thingy again!
00:16:03 Soon our nosey neighbors will have more important things to worry about!
00:16:11 Ahh, yes...Frozen solid!
00:16:15 Feast your eyes on the future!
00:16:18 The future's nice and pointy, boss.
00:16:21 Yeah! What's it do?
00:16:22 What's it do? I'll show you what it does!
00:16:30 Wowwwwwwww!
00:16:32 That's some trick!
00:16:33 That wasn't a trick, you duncebuckets!
00:16:36 It was a scientific breakthrough!
00:16:38 Just a tiny taste of what's to come!
00:16:44 By the end of today I'll have enough Equilibrius to turn all of cyberspace upside down!
00:16:55 Okay,'s almost eight-forty and we're at the clown hole.
00:16:59 If our prediction is right, then Dewey should start acting up any min -
00:17:08 Yes!
00:17:08 Our prediction was right!
00:17:10 Yikes!
00:17:11 Whoooaaaaaaaa!
00:17:22 Eight-forty on Thursday, Dewey goes loopy at the clowhole.
00:17:26 So we know for sure he acts up later and farther along the path each day.
00:17:32 And... we can predict when and where!
00:17:35 But we still don't know why!
00:17:38 Hmm...maybe something's missing from the chart.
00:17:43 Maybe something else is going on.
00:17:45 Yeah!
00:17:46 Something that will give us a clue to Dewey's behavior.
00:17:49 That's it! We need another column!
00:17:53 A "What else is going on" column.
00:17:54 Didge, think back. Anything else you remember from your first walk by the Waterslide?
00:18:01 Lemme think...
00:18:01 All I remember is a buncha ducks quacking.
00:18:07 Oh, and a pile of dirt!
00:18:09 Okay...ducks...and dirt.
00:18:12 Great! Now what about Tuesday at the Igloo?
00:18:15 What else was going on?
00:18:16 Dewey stepped around a dirt pile.
00:18:18 And Gimme the golf pro came by.
00:18:21 I saw some golfers!
00:18:23 Dirt...Gimme...golfers.
00:18:26 What about yesterday?
00:18:27 I saw a gardener! And more piles of dirt!
00:18:31 Don't forget the sprinklers!
00:18:33 Gardener... dirt... sprinklers!
00:18:36 What about today? What else was going on?
00:18:38 More piles of dirt!
00:18:39 And golfers! I saw them run away!
00:18:42 Dirt...and golfers. Done!
00:18:45 Now... if we can just find something that happened on all four walks, maybe we'll have a clue why Dewey did what he did.
00:18:54 Let's start eliminating!
00:18:55 Let see...ducks...ducks...
00:18:59 ducks were only on one walk, so they're out!
00:19:03 And the golfers were only there on Tuesday and they're history!
00:19:09 Gimme only came by once - so he couldn't have anything to do with Dewey's behavior.
00:19:15 And dump the sprinklers, they only got me one time.
00:19:18 We can lose the gardener, too. We only saw him yesterday!
00:19:24 Check it out!
00:19:25 There's only one thing we saw on all four walks...
00:19:29 Dirt!
00:19:30 So we saw piles of dirt on the golf course wherever Dewey went out of control.
00:19:34 Not just any dirt...Hacker's dirt!
00:19:36 Okay...but what's the connection?
00:19:39 Guys! Listen to this!
00:19:40 "Deedle beasts are highly sensitive to underground vibrations.
00:19:44 Deedle behavior during such an event may include: yowling, hair standing on end and running in circles around the source of the tremor." That describes Dewey's behavior exactly!
00:19:57 Let's see...what would cause vibrations under the ground...make dirt piles...and happen in a straight line?
00:20:05 An earthquake?
00:20:06 ...Maybe a tunnel?
00:20:08 Didge, you're a genius!
00:20:10 Was there ever any doubt?
00:20:13 A tunnel explains all of our observations!
00:20:16 The dirt...
00:20:16 The straight line... the vibrations...
00:20:18 And the behavior happens about ten minutes later each day because Hacker has dug the tunnel farther along!
00:20:24 Where's he digging a tunnel to?
00:20:27 Let's find out!
00:20:29 The tunnel starts at Hacker's house...
00:20:31 goes under the golf course...and runs under...
00:20:34 ...Gimme's golf shop!
00:20:37 Let me know when you're under the golf shop!
00:20:39 We're almost there, boss.
00:20:41 Just a few more cyberfeet!
00:20:44 Inside each golf ball is a tiny liquid drop of a rare but powerful substance called equalibrius.
00:20:50 That tiny drop gives the ball exceptional balance.
00:20:54 But frozen solid, equalibirius can throw things terribly out of balance.
00:20:59 Collect enough equalibrius, you could literally turn Cyberspace on its ear!
00:21:05 Gimme!
00:21:05 We heard what you just said - and we think Hacker's after the golf balls!
00:21:10 Why that diabolical duffer...
00:21:12 he's more slippery than a sandtrap!
00:21:14 Do all these balls contain Equalibrius?
00:21:16 Everyone last of 'em.
00:21:20 Yoooowwwllll!
00:21:26 Dewey's feeling those vibes again!
00:21:29 The tunnel must be right under us!
00:21:32 Tunnel? What tunnel?
00:21:39 What on earth is going on?
00:21:44 Look out...!
00:21:48 Oooh! Whoa!
00:21:51 It's workin', boss!
00:21:53 Yeah! Here they come!
00:21:57 He's takin' all me golf balls!
00:21:59 We've got to stop him!
00:22:01 But how?
00:22:02 Taffy anyone?
00:22:04 Yeah!
00:22:04 And I know just who to give it to!
00:22:07 Come to The Hacker!
00:22:13 Whhappened?
00:22:14 Why have the golf balls stopped coming through?
00:22:20 ...Never mind!
00:22:21 Here they come again!
00:22:26 What?
00:22:32 I hope Hacker has a sweet tooth!
00:22:42 Bye bye, bad guy!
00:22:43 So long!
00:22:44 Well done!
00:22:45 You've saved Golftopia - and maybe all of Cyberspace!
00:22:51 Thanks, Gimme.
00:22:51 But we couldn't have done it without Dewey.
00:22:53 Just like you said, Ms. Fileshare...
00:22:56 Dewey was no trouble at all.
00:23:00 Right, Inez?
00:23:00 Right. He behaved like a perfect Deedle Beast.
00:23:04 Didn't you, Dewey?
00:23:08 Aooo... Aooooo!

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