Season 3, Episode 12
Air date December 31, 2004
Written by Barry Harman

George Arthur Bloom Kristin Laskas Martin

Directed by Larry Jacobs
Episode Guide
"Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets"
"Balancing Act"
It’s Starlight Night, the annual holiday when all the stars in Cyberspace are refreshed for the new year. But Hacker concocts a scheme to darken the stars of cyberspace forever.  He sends Buzz and Delete to stop all production of the new star circuits and take inventor Archimedes away to the Northern Frontier.  With the ceremony only hours away, the kids and Digit must find a simple way to make the complex circuits and rescue Archimedes – all before Hacker turns out the lights in cyberspace!

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Starlight Night


  • The December 31 2010 airing of the episode is the very last Cyberchase episode to air on KCET Los Angeles, California due to the station dropping its affiliation with PBS after 40 years the next morning.

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