Snelfu bill

The 5 denominations of snelfus

A Snelfu is the main currency of Cyberspace, similar to a dollar. They are shown in both coin and bill forms and are featured prominently in the two-part episode, "The Snelfu Snafu". Each amount the snelfu represents is a different color. Prior to this two-part episode however, all bills were a light violet in color. Other forms of currency such as gold quarters, golden eggs, and donuts are also used, but only in certain sites.

Currency colors

Value of Bill Color
1 Green
5 Blue
10 Yellow
20 Purple
100 Red



  • 52 Snelfus for a cheap Betaboard
  • 70 Snelfus for an Alphadeck (used)
  • 175 Snelfus for an Alphadeck (new)
  • 175 Snelfus for a taxi ride to anywhere in Cyberspace
  • 200 Snelfus for a Betaboard (new)
  • 250 Snelfus for a Kappatron
  • 3,000 Snelfus for a Golden Cauldron
  • 7,000 Snelfus for a hand-painted portrait of Hacker (changed to 10,000 after Wicked's joy in seeing the painting)
  • 25 Snelfus for a taxi ride with Ernest
  • 10 Million Snelfus for the disposal of the encryptor chip in the black hole
  • 123 Snelfus for the sale of the Ioda and Zetatron

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