For Real segment
Season 6, Episode 10
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Circle Diameter & Circumference
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"Harry Cries Foul"
"Harry's in a Fog"
"Simple as Pie" is the For Real Segment for "Spheres of Fears".


Bianca and her best friend Kelly decide to go into business together: Kelly will bake her famous three-berry pies, and Bianca will sell them. When Kelly asks Bianca to buy 9” pie pans, Bianca brings back pans that are too small. Kelly explains that pie pans are measured across the diameter. Kelly wanted pans that were 9” in diameter, but Bianca’s pans are 9” in circumference. Since the circumference of a circle is about 3 times the diameter, that means they are only 3” in diameter. Luckily, Kelly is able to use the smaller pans to make miniature pies that are a big hit – with Bianca!  At the market, Bianca ends up eating half the pies herself, ending up with a stomachache and only $10 at the end of the day (after spending most of the money on stomach medicine).

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