Season 3, Episode 11
Air date October 28, 2004
Written by Barry Harman

George Arthur Bloom Kristin Laskas Martin

Directed by Larry Jacobs
Episode Guide
"The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2"
"Starlight Night"
Shari Spotter, star student of Frogsnorts Sorcerers Academy, is in trouble!  Entrusted with baking the all-powerful Cosmic Crumpets for the annual Sorcerers Ball, she burns the magical treats and must concoct a new batch. But she is stymied because the recipe contains strange, top-heavy fractions.  Digit and the kids must help Shari sort out the confusion of the mixed numbers.  But can they do it before Hacker earns a degree in Sorcery from the Wicked Witch and becomes the most powerful sorcerer in Cyberspace?!


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