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Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
083 701 CE083 Gone With the Fog April 21, 2009 Hacker kidnaps Gollywood actors and the kids have to find him.

084 702 [[Image:|150px|702]] The Emperor Has Snow Clothes April 22, 2009 Hacker crowns himself Emperor of Penguia and sends the real Emperor Penguia to a place where a snowstorm is about to hit.

085 703 EP085 The X-Factor April 23, 2009 The Digi-Fizz creates orange spots on Perfectomundo's dome.

086 704 [[Image:|150px|704]] Blowin' in the Wind April 24, 2009 Hacker goes on a tour as "Hacker and the Nobody's" and leaves the virus antidote at a windy place.

087 705 [[Image:|150px|705]] Father's Day June 19, 2009 Hacker replaces Max, Creech's dad, with a Max robot.

088 706 [[Image:|150px|706]] The Deedle Beast October 5, 2009 Digit volunteers to sit a Deedle Beast.

089 707 [[Image:|150px|707]] Spellbound October 6, 2009 Wicked casts a spell to become popular.

This concludes season 7.
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