Episode Code Screenshot Title Airdate Episode Summary
027 201 2003-02-14 - Episode 201 Hugs and Witches February 14, 2003 Valentine's Day Special: Hacker traps Dr. Marbles and Ada Lovelace inside a time machine.

028 202 2003-03-31 - Episode 202 Totally Rad March 31, 2003 Hacker takes over Radopolis and the kids and him face off in a skate-off.

029 203 2003-04-01 - Cyberchase - Episode 203 Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green April 1, 2003 Wicked infects Motherboard with a spell causing her to make Cyberspace mean.

030 204 [[Image:|150px|204]] True Colors April 2, 2003 Hacker claims he is a good guy.

031 205 [[Image:|150px|205]] All the Right Angles April 3, 2003 The kids try to find Ivanca's treasure before Hacker does.

032 206 206todayshow1 03 Mother's Day May 7, 2003 Hacker tries to ruin Mother's Day by derailing the Madre Bonita express.

033 207 [[Image:|150px|207]] The Eye of Rom May 14, 2003 Hacker steals the Eye of Rom and the squad and Binky have to get it back.

034 208 [[Image:|150px|208]] A Whale of a Tale May 21, 2003 Hacker steals Glowla, causing R-Fair City to be endangered by a mean whale.

035 209 [[Image:|150px|209]] Double Trouble May 28, 2003 Hacker steals Master Pi, thus getting control of Shangri-La's knights.

036 210 [[Image:|150px|210]] Raising the Bar September 15, 2003 Hacker infects the Cybrary with vermin, turning everything from Motherboard to Hacker.

037 211 [[Image:|150px|211]] The Wedding Scammer September 16, 2003 Wicked disguises herself as a princess to trick the king of Pompadoria.

038 212 [[Image:|150px|212]] The Guilty Party September 17, 2003 The kids search for Hacker's recharger key.

039 213 [[Image:|150px|213]] A Time to Cook September 18, 2003 Matt and Digit, and Hacker and Buzz, compete together in a cooking contest.

040 214 [[Image:|150px|214]] Trick or Treat October 31, 2003 Halloween Special: Hacker tries to apologize to Motherboard, saying he is good from now on.

This concludes season 2.
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