A street of Poddleville.

is a cybersite that first appeared in the pilot, "The Poddleville Case". Poddleville, including its citizens, are composed almost entirely of geometric shapes. During the episode of "The Poddleville Case," The Hacker and his minions, Buzz and Delete, stole pods (which are in the shape of eggs), which causes the homes and other buildings of the cybersite to twist like a pretzel. At first, the Cybersquad were framed for the crime, but they managed to clear their names with the help of a Poddling, and saved the cybersite's power from being stolen by the Hacker. Another main appearance of the cybersite is the episode, "The Guilty Party," where the Hacker framed Sleight O. Hand of stealing his recharger key. In the end, it was revealed to be a trick by the Hacker to steal the power. The Hacker along with his minions were then forced out of Poddleville and their statue that was being used to steal the power was dismantled.


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