For Real segment
Season 6, Episode 5
Featured character Harry
Math topic Multi-Step Problem Solving
Episode Guide
"Bianca's Ups and Downs"
"Harry Makes a Big Splash"
"Penned In" is the For Real Segment for "Step by Step".


Harley convinces Harry to help him put up a fence for their grandmother, but runs off as soon as Harry arrives – leaving Harry to do most of the work. With no instructions other than to put up the fence and make it a rectangle, Harry must figure out how to do so with different lengths of fence. He breaks the problem down, adds up different combinations of fence lengths, and draws a diagram to figure out which pieces go where. He succeeds in putting up a rectangular fence on his own, but then discovers Harley neglected to mention that their grandmother wanted a gate in the fence, too!

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Penned In

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