Mother Paraliini is a Parallini in "The Flying Parallinis" Mother Parallini is a strict mother of TW and is very harsh to outsiders and to people who break rules, But becomes gentle when the Cybersquad convinces the Parallinis to be who they are so they can rescue Jackie. She is voiced by Danielle Jonas Kevin Jonas' wife.

Flying Parallinis

In the "Flying Paralinnis" When Inez, Matt, Digit and TW search for Diamond Joe so they can save Jackie, Digit drew a diamond on the sidewalk to asks if anyone looks like a diamond, But the Parallini kids gasp. Mother Paralinni scolds Digit for drawing a Diamond and no one is allowed to tilt or lean. Worse yet, she yells at them to leave and never come back. "Get out and STAY OUT! NOW!" The Cybersquad does so, But TW sneaks away from her neighbors so she can help the Cybersquad look for Diamond Joe.

When Diamond Joe tries to reunite the Paralinis, Mother Parallini still refuses to let every Parallini tilt or lean and is even more strict to TW. Matt, Inez and Digit finally were able to convince the Paralinnis to use their powers and be who they are so they can save Jackie and stop Hacker from receiving the Network Interface Card. Mother Parallini finally warms up and agrees to help out after all. At the end of the episode, she thanks the Cybersquad for bringing the Parallinis back together again.


Mama Paralinni: WHO? DREW? THAT? SHAPE!? Digit: (unaware) I did! Mother Paralini: (Strictly) This is not allowed. Parallinis never tilt or lean! (She wipes the diamond off with her shoe) Digit: But- Mother Parallini: (angry) We do not welcome those who break our rules! (Furiously) GET OUT! AND STAY OUT! [The Cybersquad gasps in shock. Dark music plays as the screen fades to black]

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