2005-07-28 - Episode 405 (1)


Season 4, Episode 5
Air date July 28, 2005
Written by Ronnie Krauss

George Arthur Bloom Kristin Laskas Martin

Directed by Larry Jacobs
Episode Guide
"Past Perfect Prediction"
"A Change of Art"
Hacker’s mysterious machine is finally revealed – “The Transformatron” can change anyone into anything!  He learns the kids have the Network Interface Card – the final piece he needs.  But the kids have also found a map that leads them to Coop, Slider’s long lost father. They are shocked to discover Coop has been a victim of magnetite. Before they can measure out the antidote, Hacker grabs the “NIC” – and Slider!  Will the CyberSquad be able to rescue Slider? Can they cure Coop? And how will they stop Hacker from taking over Cyberspace with his dastardly device?


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