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Master Pi

First appears in Shangri-La in the episode "Problem Solving in Shangri-La", in it, he did a competition of estrategy. In Double Trouble, it creates the "Good Vibration", to keep the peace and harmony in Shangri-La.

Physical Appearance

He uses a blue cloak, is bald and his symbol is a π (pi), which is shown in his scepter. Can float and disappear and appear quickly.


He is very pacific and like of much education. Show traits of wisdom and experience with his words.


Motherboard: as he said in "Problem Solving in Shangri-La", he is one of Motherboard's supportives.

The Kids and Digit: he was the judge in the Dragon's Game and talked to kids about their victory. In "Double-Trouble", he thanks the Cybersquad and Digit for saving the Good Vibration.


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