Hacker: At last! The moment I've been waiting for.(pushes buttons on his key-pad until it beeps) It's perfect.

Buzz: Yeah, you're right, boss. (eats donuts from a stick) Cyberspace really appreciating. (Delete looks at him, annoyed)

Hacker: (facepalms) I'm not talking about Cyberspace, I'm talking about them. Those earth kids are the key to my plan.

Buzz: Oh yeah, you mean your master plan for all out of cyberspace that will reply you to spread evil and chaos from site to site.

Hacker: Of course, I planned, you robotic duncebucket!

Buzz: I thought the only way to take over cyberspace is to get rid of that cyberbrain who runs it, Motherboard.

Hacker: And so we shall.

Marbles: Your upgrade is nearly complete, Motherboard. Stand by

Digit: Not safe? C'mon!

Motherboard: Hacker Alert! Hacker Alert!

Digit: Hacker's back?!!!

Marbles: Impossible. We drained of his power grid and exiled him eons ago.

Hacker: Here's where the real fun starts.

Inez: Excuse me, you two aren't the only ones who are guiding the map.

Matt: Hang on, we're just trying to figure it out how to use it. OK?

Digit: What are we gonna do?!

Jackie: There must be a way to reboot this thing! (Motherboard appears on the digital map)

Motherboard: I am Motherboard.

Jackie: Uh-oh!

Matt: Mother-who?

Motherboard: I am protector of all Cyberspace.

Inez: Yeah, and I'm Zena, the warrior princess.

Motherboard: When the three of you touch the map, a breach in Cyberspace allowed a nasty computer virus to reach me.

Jackie: This can't be happening!

Matt: Wow, look at all these freaky stuff!

Jackie: Freaky!

Digit: Welcome to Cyberspace earthlies, I'm Digit, and this is Motherboard.

Matt: Hacker? Who's Hacker?

Digit: He prefers The Hacker, but that's another story.

Inez: This is a major decision. I need time to think about it.

Matt: We gotta act now!

Motherboard: No! and Hacker's still out there.

Digit: And the Doc is still looking for a way to fix Motherboard.

Matt: We'll help you anyway we can. Right guys?

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