(episode starts with a cybersite where there's a manor named Lovelace Manor. Hacker and his henchmen are trying to get in.)

Hacker: Hold still, you quivering kumquats!

Buzz: We're trying boss!

Hacker: You're right! Because I already found you. Get 'em boys!

Buzz and Delete: Alright boss!

(cuts to Inez's house where she and Jackie are making a Valentine's Day card.)

Jackie: How about vermillion?

(Next scene shows Matt, who's farther than the girls, playing with his yo-yo, complaining about the color Jackie mentioned.)

Matt: Vermillion? What kind of color is that!?

Jackie: Come on Matt, get in the spirit! The cards are for Motherboard!

Matt: Ah, I'm not big on Valentine's Day, it's a girl thing.

Motherboard: Hacker Alert! Hacker Alert!

Jackie: Mother B, what's up?

Motherboard: Marbles is in trouble........Trapped in time with Lady Lovelace...... Hurry!

Matt: Trapped in time?

Inez: Where's Digit?

Digit: Up here, Lovelace Manor must be the place. According to Motherboard, Lady Ada Lovelace is the daughter of Lord Byron the famous poet and she's one of the first computer programmers if you believe. (notices a letter that's on the door handles) Hey, what's this?

Matt: (reading) "If you find this, find my time machine."

Jackie: That's what Motherboard said! Dr. Marbles must be trapped in a time machine!

Inez: Open it, Matt.

Matt: (reading the note) "Like fairies, numbers often come in bunches. Some are large, some are small. When you cannot use your hunches, find the one that stands for all."

Inez: What does it mean?

Matt: I don't have a clue.

Jackie: Talk about gloom, we will never find the time machine out here!

Digit: It's scary, I keep waiting for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to show up.

Inez: uh, they we're the same person, Didge.

Matt: Forget Jekyll and Hyde, keep your eyes open for Jack the Ripper!

Digit: Um, did you ever had birds?

Inez: I don't think so.

Digit: Look!

(two birds are flying in the sky. They looked at the kids and Digit, and swooped down to grab them.)

Jackie: RUN!

(the Cybersquad runs away from the birds. Later, they ducked from the birds except Digit, who later ducked from them. the birds heard someone whistle. They both flew to a goblin who's the master to the birds.)

Mr Goblin: What are you people doing here?

Inez: Um, we're looking for Lady Lovelace, and her time machine. Do you know where she is?

Mr. Goblin: You know what I got my own problems! See those rocks over there? Each pile used to be in a shape of a big heart. Every hundred years on Valentine's Day, a goblin is chosen to build a new heart next to the others. It's a big honor!

Jackie: That is totally cool!

Mr Goblin: You think so, but I have to use the same number of rocks that were used to build the other five hearts.

Matt: What's the problem with that?

Mr. Goblin: Well, look at those piles, that's the problem! Those rocks are old and broken. My cart knew how many were in each heart when they are first made. Can you?

Jackie: Sorry, Mr Goblin, we can't help you right now. We have a time machine to find! Let's go. (the birds block the Cybersquad as a way to say that they will never leave unless they help Mr. Goblin.)

Digit: Nice birdie, (holds a stick) want a stick? (one of the birds destroys the stick using it's beak making the Cybersquad very scared.)

Jackie: On the other hand Mr. Goblin, we'd be glad to help. Right guys?

Inez: Yeah!

Matt: Right!

Mr Goblin: When we're done, I'll tell you where that time machine is.

Matt: When we're done, we need to borrow your cart.

Mr. Goblin: (runs to Matt) It's always said 'No'!

Matt: Then we won't help you.

Jackie and Inez: Matt!

Mr. Goblin: Hmmm, all right but don't ask for anything.

Jackie: Let's see, we've got five bunches of rocks. 5 bunches...

Digit: (whispers) The poem, read the poem.

Inez: (reads the poem) "Like fairies, numbers often come in bunches. Some are large, some are small. When you cannot use your hunches, find the one that stands for all."

Digit: Trolls, a goblin, and now jesters! What's my life coming to?

Hacker: Buzz, Delete, where are you?

Buzz: BOSS!! HELP!!!

Delete: SAVE US!!

(The robo-Trex shakes the time machine, now back to Earth)

Jackie: Gee, Dr. Marbles and Lady Love really like each other.

Inez: What this, Matt?

Matt: Hey!

Jackie: (reading) "To 'Nezzie' and 'Jax', Roses are red, violets are blue, a guy couldn't have more friends than you. Happy Valentine's Day......Matt!" Aw, that's so sweet!

Inez: And we thought that you hated Valentine's Day.

(Jackie and Inez kisses Matt on one of his cheeks)

Matt: (blushing) Aw, man!

(episode ends)