For Real segment
Season 8, Episode 3
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Adding Mixed Number Fractions in Measurement
Episode Guide
"Bianca Sells Out"
"Harry's Feet Compete"
"Help Wanted for Bianca" is the For Real Segment for "Peace, Love, and Hackerness". It is the last For Real Segment to feature Bianca.

Aside from that, it is partially a compilation segment, as it first uses the one of Bianca being recorded for a recipe video, the doughnut one, and the soccer one.


Kelly helps Bianca get a job working with her at a ribbon store, but Bianca is so focused on taking advantage of her employee discount that she doesn’t pay attention to Kelly’s instructions. When it comes time to ring up a sale, Bianca struggles with adding measurements written as mixed number fractions. When she asks Kelly for help, she learns how to use a yardstick to help her add the fractions.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Help Wanted for Bianca

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