For Real segment
Season 5, Episode 4
Featured character Harry
Math topic Testing with Models
Episode Guide
"Harry on the Rise"
"Bianca's Dogged Pursuit"
"Harry Talks Trash" is the For Real Segment for "EcoHaven Ooze".


After having a great time at his birthday party, Harry is confronted by an apartment overrun with piles and piles of trash! Overwhelmed by the thought of having to make, like, a million trips to take out the trash, Harry suddenly has a brilliant idea: he will build a slide to take the garbage from his window directly into the trash can outside. By first building a model of the invention, Harry discovers that a slide won’t work very well, but a chute will be the most effective way of transporting the garbage out of his apartment and into the dumpster.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Harry Talks Trash

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