For Real segment
Season 8, Episode 1
Featured character Harry
Math topic Trying Numbers
Episode Guide
"Bianca Pigs Out"
"Bianca Sells Out"
"Harry Gets Locked Up" is the For Real Segment for "The Hacker's Challenge".


When Harley loses the key to Harry’s bike lock, Harry decides to replace it with a combination lock. But Harley easily guesses the combination – 1-2-3-4 – and takes Harry’s bike without asking. Furious, Harry outsmarts Harley by coming up with a harder combination, which he writes down as a series of number puzzles. Harley is stumped, but with Harry’s help is eventually able to figure out the code by trying different numbers until he finds the solution.

When Harley promises to leave Harry alone and take care of his bike; however, unfortunately, it means taking something he forgot: the lock.

External Links

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