For Real segment
Season 6, Episode 9
Featured character Harry
Math topic Data Collection
Episode Guide
"Bianca Cheers Up"
"Simple as Pie"
"Harry Cries Foul" is the For Real Segment for "Chaos as Usual".


Harry’s scored a job working as a vendor at Shea Stadium – where he can see his favorite team, the NY Mets, play baseball. He has his heart set on catching a foul ball, but to his dismay, he never seems to be in the right part of the stadium at the right time. Mets Pitcher John Maine tells Harry that data collected over the years indicates that right-handed hitters tend to bat fouls down the first base line, while lefties usually hit down the third-base line. By following the lineup for the next game, Harry is able to be at the right place at the right time, and manages to catch a foul ball in a soda cup.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Harry Cries Foul

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