For Real segment
Season 4, Episode 2
Produced by Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose
Directed by Bob Morris
Featured character Harry
Math topic Factoring
Episode Guide
"Harry's Big Date"
"Harry Bounces Back"
"Harry's School Daze" is the For Real Segment for "The Icky Factor".


Harry is terrified about his first job as a substitute teacher, but is pleasantly surprised to find a classroom full of nice kids who appreciate his ability to juggle. When he asks the class to rearrange the desks for a quiz, the students try various configurations to have equal number of desks in each row ("column," actually). They even try five in each row, but one row is one desk short, meaning it has only four desks. By the time they’ve determined that four rows of six desks works best for the size of the room, they’ve learned the factors of 24, and are well-prepared for the quiz.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Harry's School Daze

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