Wreaker Docked

Wreaker Docked

The Grim Wreaker is Hacker's main vehicle and a parody of The Grim Reaper. It was built by Digit while he was Hacker's prisoner. Despite its large appearance, it is a slow moving ship, mainly due to it containing a spare pod, various rooms, such as a bedroom and control room, and various gadgets. The ship itself does not have a warp capability; however, Hacker once flew it through several portals he created with portal dust. Buzz and Delete frequently damage the ship by pulling out controls, crashing it, or getting it dirty.

In the Cyberchase pilot episode "The Poddleville Case", the Wreaker didn't have an outline, and it was just a dark floating item plastered onto a background. After the series began, the Wreaker appeared more animated (with a black outline) and less dark and ominous than the pilot. From Season 6 onward, the Wreaker shines much brighter from anonymous CGI effects, and as such, the Wreaker's dark grey exterior now appears more silver.

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