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Gender Male
Age N/A
Species Cybird
Residence Unknown
Occupation Assistant to Motherboard and Dr. Marbles
"Mother-Hen" to humans
Member of Cybersquad
Allies Motherboard, Dr. Marbles, Cybersquad, Widget
Enemies Buzz, Delete, Hacker, Ledge
Favorite color Purple (originally blue)
Relatives Widget (younger brother)
Voice actor Gilbert Gottfried

Mr Perfect

Digit Ryan Gengi "Didge" LeBoid is one of the 4 main characters in Cyberchase. His favorite color is blue but changed to purple in Plantasaurus.


The majority of Digit takes on a purple color scheme. He has a dark lavender body, legs, and wings, which play as "hands." Digit has a lavender colored chest hatch, head, and tail with three triangular-shaped blades on his tail that are used as a propeller. He wears a red bow tie, a red baseball cap turned backwards with a small orb supported on a string. His high top sneakers are yellow with traces of red at the tops, heels, and bottoms. Digit has a long beak with two big black eyes.

If someone has a problem, he can fix it by saying, "Never fear, the Didge is here." He also says "bada-bing bada-boom!" whenever he just comes in from a portal or simply just his catchphrase.


Digit is a Dodo Bird and is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. He and the kids protect Cyberspace and Motherboard from Hacker and other antagonists. Digit was created by Hacker and worked for him, alongside Buzz and Delete. He escaped after learning of Hacker's evil doings. He became one of Motherboard's helpers alongside Dr. Marbles and joined the Cybersquad. Similar to Alpha assisting Zordon in Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Digit assists Motherboard in the show.

2001-2011 Website Description

"He's a bird, he's a plane....No, he's a klutz-but a lovable klutz who's a first class pal to the kids. He used to work for Hacker, but flew the coop when Hacker betrayed Motherboard."

2012-present Description (Under 'Good Guys')

Digit, a cyboid, was created by Hacker, but he left him to work for Motherboard. He can fly with his propeller tail, but he is afraid of heights and often crashes and dents his beak. A great friend and helper, Digit loves to work with the kids to stop Hacker. Signature Line: "Yoikes!"


Digit can fly by spinning his tail in a helicopter-like fashion, despite his fear of heights. As such, he prefers to walk. He's a great cook and author of The Cyber Chef and Cookin' with The Didge. He carries many objects in his chest, including another bird-like Cyborg named Widget (also voiced by Gilbert Gottfried). Digit used to try building virtual nests and didn't have such accurate practice. He can turn his beak into just about anything, but bends it on occasion. He's seen in all episodes except the original pilot, "The Poddleville Case," but was mentioned once in that episode. He also can disguise his voice very well, changing his voice to characters such as Ivanka Ghost and Warren's mother.


In the Brazilian dub, Digit was known as 'Digito'.




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