The Cybersquad

The Cybersquad is a collaborative term to refer to the characters that travel around to protect Cyberspace and Motherboard from harm's way, namely from Hacker and co and they are protectors of Cyberspace.

The members of the Cybersquad are as follows:

Digit, Matt, Inez, and Jackie in the Comic Book Series
Jackie, Matt, and Inez in the Comic Book Series
Cybersquad Winter

Jackie, Matt, and Inez, in their winter attire

Other members may include Slider, Creech, and Widget due to their connections and their status as recurring characters, though them not being constnt characters makes them not be part of the main Cybersquad. Technically, anyone in Motherboard's alliance, especially if they are a kid helping in the adventures, is part of the Cybersquad, as revealed in "The Hacker's Challenge." However, only the four major members are constantly involved in the adventures and have Skwak Pads, which mark their status.

Episode 209

In "Double Trouble" Jackie, Matt, Inez, and Digit walk on lilypads, just like jacanas.

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