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Map of Cyberspace

Map of Cyberspace

Cyberspace is a universe with it's own set of laws of physics. The universe parallels the Cybersquad's universe and some of the same laws of physics apply such as gravity and mass. However, magic and sorcery exists in the Cyberspace universe. Magic can alter the molecular structure of cyborgs and cybersites. It is often displayed by Wicked Witch. She has altered Hacker and cybersites before. The Cybersquad is immune to certain forms of magic. (Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green) There are also certain elements that cannot be found in the Cybersquad's universe that is in the Cyberspace universe. Magnetite and Frankonium are two examples. The universe is obviously high in Nitrogen and Oxygen since the Cybersquad can breath easily on cybersites that have no atmosphere. Motherboard has the ability to create a rift between the two universes to summon the Cybersquad for help.


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