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Cyberchase is a hit TV series for PBS Kids. It is designed for children of ages 10-12. Nelvana produced seasons 1-5, while Title Entertainment Inc. produced seasons 6 and on. Cyberchase stars three Earth children in the real world who get warped into the Internet using a library computer. They then have to stop the dastardly Hacker in a number of mathematical and, in some episodes, especially in the ninth season, scientific ways. In every episode, the kids win after a certain amount of time, usually within one episode. The only time where it took them longer than one episode was in The Cyberchase Movie and The Snelfu Snafu. The show starred three Earth children—Jackie, Matt, and Inez, and their various cybernetic allies, especially the cyborg bird Digit and the leader of Cyberspace, Motherboard.

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