For Real segment
Season 8, Episode 2
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Analyzing Ads
Episode Guide
"Harry Gets Locked Up"
"Help Wanted for Bianca"
"Bianca Sells Out" is the For Real Segment for "Face-Off".


Bianca wants to earn money to buy new clothes and decides to sell her stuff in a yard sale. However, she has one particularly ugly necklace that she doesn’t think anyone will buy. To help sell it, she creates an ad that stretches the truth, claiming that the necklace will make you feel like a princess and asking an unreasonable price of $50. Her disapproving niece convinces Bianca that it’s best to stick with the facts and to charge a more sensible price of $5. After Bianca revises the ad, an excited customer grabs the necklace; she used to have one just like it, and claims she would have paid $50 for it!

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Bianca Sells Out

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