For Real segment
Season 7, Episode 3
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Weather Watchers: Multiplication Power
Episode Guide
"Harry Reigns"
"Bianca Goes Where the Wind Blows"
"Bianca Saves the Planet" is the For Real Segment for "The X-Factor".


Bianca meets up with Kelly for an Earth Day rally, but Kelly soon discovers that Bianca’s behavior is anything but Earth-friendly. When Bianca carelessly drops a plastic wrapper on the ground, Kelly scolds her for littering, and explains that if everyone in the world dropped their trash on the ground, we would be up to our knees in garbage. After Bianca imagines a nightmarish scenario in which she is literally knee-deep in trash, she decides to change her ways and become part of the solution

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Bianca Saves the Planet

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