For Real segment
Season 5, Episode 7
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Math in Nature: Crystals
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"Bianca Extends Her Reach"
"Bianca's Rage Against the Machine"
"Bianca Gets Crystal Clear" is the For Real Segment for "Crystal Clear".


Bianca wants to spend the afternoon watching TV, but her precocious little cousin Antonio lures her off the couch to help him make rock candy. While waiting for the sugar crystals to form, which takes a week, Antonio shows Bianca a variety of cool crystals from his rock collection and then at the amazing Hall of Gems and Minerals at the American Museum of Natural History. He points out to Bianca that different crystals have different geometric shapes. When Bianca asks how he knows so much, Antonio shares his secret—he reads! Because of this idea, Bianca reads a book and finds out that rock candy used to be an ingredient in medicine.

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