For Real segment
Season 6, Episode 4
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Lever-Fulcrum
Episode Guide
"Bianca Busts a Move"
"Penned In"
"Bianca's Ups and Downs" is the For Real Segment for "Escape from Merlin's Maze".


While playing on a seesaw with her niece, Bianca learns that the seesaw is a machine consisting of a lever and fulcrum, which allows a light person to lift a heavier person up in the air. Later, when Bianca gets a job cleaning up the park, she encounters a heavy stone that she can’t move. Remembering the seesaw, she gets the idea to use a broom as a lever, and is able to lift the heavy stone with ease. In another flash of inspiration, she starts a contest, challenging kids in the park with a sign that reads “If you can’t lift this rock, you win a prize!”

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Bianca's Ups and Downs

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