For Real segment
Season 6, Episode 7
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Diagramming Team Plays
Episode Guide
"Harry Makes a Big Splash"
"Bianca Cheers Up"
"Bianca's Hoop Dream" is the For Real Segment for "Jimaya Jam".


When her niece Alicia gets Bianca to fill in as coach on a basketball team, it quickly becomes apparent that Bianca doesn’t know anything about coaching. After leading the girls through wheelbarrow and conga line drills, (and the hokey pokey) Bianca’s verbal attempts to get the girls to execute a play have chaotic results. With some guidance from Alicia, Bianca learns how using a diagram can help illustrate the play clearly and effectively. Using the play they diagram in practice, the girls are able to win the tournament game.

External Links

PBS KIDS - Cyberchase Videos - Bianca's Hoop Dream

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