For Real segment
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date July 9, 2002
Produced by Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose
Directed by Bob Morris
Featured character Bianca
Math topic Balancing Equations
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"Bianca Gets the Big Picture"
"When Harry Met Stephanie"

"Bianca's Corny Act" is the For Real segment for "A Battle of Equals", which is the twenty-fifth episode of Cyberchase.


Bianca and Tracy are making popcorn balls for a school picnic. But when they make a mountain of popcorn, Bianca realizes they used 10 cups of unpopped popcorn when the recipe calls for 10 cups of popped popcorn. Writing the recipe as an equation helps helps them understand how to adjust the ingredients accordingly.


It is unknown who played Tracy.


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